With Rs 10 lakh we started a ready-to-cook brand, whose turnover touched Rs 40 lakh in the second year

As the world was reeling under the impact of the Covid pandemic, the newlyweds explored various business ideas and eventually formed a company, Suzu Agro Private Limited (Food for Future) and launched Aaj Pakao, a ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat, food products brand in November 2020.


The Cookolution : For New Year Celebration

Take a Break! Keep work away! If you want to enjoy a relaxing vacation, taking break from work is absolutely necessary. We keep working day in and day out without thinking why we are working in first place! Holidays are supposed to be fun whether we are with or without family!


Pep Talk Chef

Most of us have been through a similar “Sanskar” journey in our childhood. Our parents, teachers and seniors emphasized on the importance of ‘Self-Motivation’. We read the absolute necessity of generating “Self-motivation” for achieving great heights in life.


Happy Doctors’ day!

This is the second consecutive Doctors’ day in this century at least, when humanity has heavily depended on the medical community. I remember that before the pandemic, we took Doctors for granted and did not value their service to the world.


Father's Day 2021

It is mid-2021! A new decade in a new century! This century might just be the era when humankind’s knowledge will be growing at the fastest rate ever. With fast changing world comes with a demand that we change our ways of life as well!


Safe food now for a Healthy tomorrow

7th June 2021 was internationally celebrated as World Food Safety day. We at AAJ PAKAO, decided to make it a Food Safety Week to stress the importance of food safety. ‘Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow’.