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Father’s Day 2021

By June 20, 2021No Comments

It is mid-2021! A new decade in a new century! This century might just be the era when humankind’s knowledge will be growing at the fastest rate ever. With fast changing world comes with a demand that we change our ways of life as well! So, it is important that we view this Father’s Day in a different light.

We might be the first generation which is actively accepting (at least having the conversation) equal rights for all genders. New mothers and new fathers, both are working full time jobs. Earning and financial independence has become paramount in this era. We all have seen that fake glorification of full time housemaker women from patriarchal society. It was bombarded on us from the school curriculum to popular film dialogs. That scene is fading now.

The new Indian generation wants best of both worlds. Sound income and sound household. That means not only mom/wife has to cook, clean and do basic household chores. The dad/husband has to pitch in too! It is not cute anymore when the male of the family cooks and cleans, it is becoming the new normal.

We also know that it is somewhat difficult to break centuries-old traditions and gender-roles. Hence, we, AAJ PAKAO want to assure the Dads, new and old, that WE GOT YOU!

Although the traditional cooking processes were tedious and time-consuming, we are now empowered by technology. AAJ PAKAO has made sure that there is no compromise on the traditional cooking standards. We are also making sure that the everyday warriors get those results with our products.

With more than 90% of prep time done by us, the new chef Dad can make a meal for the whole family in less than 10 minutes. We have introduced the AAJ PAKAO ALL PURPOSE CURRY BASE just for this purpose. Dads can make a smashing curry with AAJ PAKAO grains and curry base in less than 10 minutes! You just mix one grain packet and one curry packet, add complimentary masala given in the grain packet and voila! Your subzi for 3-4 people is ready within 10 minutes!

AAJ PAKAO is born from the deep understanding that cooking is the primal way with which we can equalize and reinvent the gender roles, which had been stagnating since centuries. Everybody needs food and nutrition, then why should only 50% of us should be expected to know how make that food?

This Father’s Day, let’s take a vow to make cooking the basic skill that everybody should be equipped with. And with AAJ PAKAO, let’s make that process simple!

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