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Happy Doctors’ day!

By July 1, 2021No Comments

This is the second consecutive Doctors’ day in this century at least, when humanity has heavily depended on the medical community. I remember that before the pandemic, we took Doctors for granted and did not value their service to the world. Even today, in this pandemic, we hear about attacks on Doctors and it is depressing.

Since last year and a half, the medical community is constantly under stress. They are working round the clock, living away from their family, foregoing vacations and fun. How can you have fun when you have to deal with critical stage patients everyday?

We, the rest of us who are not a part of medical community can pitch in to help them! The best solution we have is to take care of ourselves and our close ones. Only by being physically and mentally healthy ourselves, we can reduce their load.

On this Doctors’ day, let’s pledge to protect ourselves and our loved ones by following these points:

1. Regular exercise: Though social media shows us influencers with ultra-fit bodies and killer abs doing beast-mode workouts, we can start with showing up daily! Don’t worry about the amount of exercise you do or how many calories you’ve burnt or how close to death do you feel after a workout! Regular light exercise along with frequent movement throughout the day is a proven way to stay in shape.

2. Enough quality sleep: In this workaholism-rewarding 21st century, the lesser you sleep, the more hardworking and hence successful people think you are. Believe me, sometimes I get the guilt-trip for sleeping 8 hours as well. But then, research shows that lack of sleep means loss of productivity and health. If you are here for the long game, you better be giving your body and mind the adequate rest it needs. Less sleeping is not the way to do more in life, better time management is!

3. Meditation: You must be having at least one friend, who mocks meditation and thinks it is just another religious gimmick. Meditation is not related to your religious beliefs. Meditation helps you observe your thoughts, eventually streamline them and think rationally. Studies about Meditation has shown that regular practice makes you calmer, focused and happier. Some people think that they can’t sit at one place doing nothing. Well, there are more than one forms of meditation. Dancing, running could be some of them. Individually, you need to figure out, what kind of meditation is suitable for you.

4. Healthy food: Well, what can we say! You are what you eat! And we, at AAJ PAKAO, are here to make sure that you eat healthy! Our body is literally made out of what we eat. If we keep feeding the body trash, by no means it will give us dream-body. Not just the physical shape, food is responsible for our emotions and attitudes as well. If you eat heavy meals or sugary food or junk fast food, you feel drowsy. That’s our body telling us that this is not good for us. We are proud to be a part of AAJ PAKAO, where we are promoting healthy cooking at home by making it easier, faster without compromising its quality.

Following these 4 points, we can all have healthier bodies and minds, which will not be susceptible to any illness. Today, it is COVID-19, tomorrow it might be something else! By improving our health and hence the immunity, we can fight them!

Doctors are angels and lifesavers, but lets not take them for granted and remember that they are humans as well. By improving our health, we can make their lives better!

Happy Doctors’ day!

– Aditya, Founder SUZU AGRO

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