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By July 19, 2021No Comments

Most of us have been through a similar “Sanskar” journey in our childhood. Our parents, teachers and seniors emphasized on the importance of ‘Self-Motivation’. We read the absolute necessity of generating “Self-motivation” for achieving great heights in life. We assumed that all legends has incredible source of “Self-motivation” built in their system. We prepared ourselves by listening to a lot of motivation videos on YouTube, watching inspirational movies and reading biographies of historic personalities. But have you experienced after a week of highly motivated work, our levels of “Self-motivation” dip?

Well, that’s what we are going to talk about. Self-motivation has been a favorite tool of the media to describe the reason behind the success of anyone. Little do we acknowledge that Self-motivation is just another name for excitement and excitement is TEMPORARY! Nature has intended it be so! If excitement was to be an life-long affair, it won’t exactly be exciting, would it?

We conveniently ignore the fact that the reason successful people are successful is discipline. 9 out 10 people who are highly regarded in any industry for their LONG successful careers are very disciplined and hard working. Now, long is a very important word here, because you shoot to fame for a short burst of time due to various reasons but to sustain that, is the difficult task.

This discipline seems to be a very hard task to achieve. But many psychologists and behavior researchers have proven that discipline can be a simple tool to harness. Not depending on “Self-motivation” and making HABITS your cornerstone, can make you disciplined in whatever you do. Be it regarding your work schedule, mindful eating, daily reading, exercise, detox from social media, waking up early etc.

There are many techniques to make any activity a HABIT. Those are available online and in many books. Once you turn a task into a HABIT pattern, it just becomes a part of your routine. It is no more a hard thing that you have to do, by gathering your Self-motivation.

For example, if you self-motivate yourself to exercise everyday at 7am everyday, you will be up and excited on day 1, but that self-motivation will run out day by day and within a week you will be back at the starting line. Now if you turn that into a habit, the scenario changes. Rather than exercise at 7am, you start with a small movement at 7am. You gradually increase you movement at 7am but maintaining the daily streak. Within no time, you are working out full-fledged at 7 am everyday.

Self-motivation culture is a big thing today but you have to understand that it runs out! You have to develop habits and thus, discipline to sustain and succeed with your goals, in the long term. It will do good for us if we recognize what are marketing gimmicks in the market and what will actually work for you in your self-improvement journey!

– Aditya, Founder SUZU AGRO

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