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Safe food now for a Healthy Tomorrow

By June 9, 20219 Comments
Safe food now for a Healthy Tomorrow

7th June 2021 was internationally celebrated as World Food Safety day. We at AAJ PAKAO, decided to make it a Food Safety Week to stress the importance of food safety. ‘Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow’.

When we say the generic term food safety, we rarely think about the complete supply chain of the food that goes in our body. ‘The food we eat is kept safe through the dedicated efforts of everyone who grows, processes, transports, stores, sells, prepares and serves it.’

AAJ PAKAO ensures that we purchase the raw material from trusted vendors, with multiple quality checks. We believe that ‘Food safety is everyone’s business’. At AAJ PAKAO production, hygiene of the facility is the primary concern. Through sorting, cleaning, soaking, blanching and packing, strict measures are applied on how food is handled. Trained personnel which works at the facility follows personal hygiene and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

At AAJ PAKAO, with use of Retort Technology, food is cooked inside the special 4-layered retort packaging, ensuring ‘touchless cooking’, essential especially in Pandemic-like situation. By processing at a high temperature and pressure, along with cooking of the food, all the microbes in the food responsible for spoilage are eliminated, like Clostridium Botulinum. After the retort cycle, the food packets are cooled to room temperature. They’re then packed in consumer ready outer packaging and sent to our warehouse safely packed in corrugated boxes. Last process we do on our end is to quarantine and to check the final packages at our facility for about 7 days to make sure none of the packs are puffed up due to contamination or leakage, making sure that our customers are getting safe food.

Our warehouse follows as strict cleanliness and delicate handling policy as well. From taking the inbound stock from production facility to shipping the packet after additional packaging to the customer, we do quality checks and ensure that the packet is delivered to the customer in perfect condition.

With Retort process and its food engineering (because ‘Food safety is based on science’) , we are able to provide shelf life of 12 months at room temperature. There are ZERO preservatives used and ZERO additives used in our food. This was a conscious decision because we believe Food Safety was not just in ensuring cleanliness but it is also very important to keep food as natural as possible. Without changing physical state of our food, like in frozen or dehydrated food products, we provide actual READY TO COOK food in most natural state possible.

At AAJ PAKAO, we celebrate Food Safety Week with WHO (World Health Organization), carrying the banner ‘Investing in food safety today will reap future rewards’.


  • Dr. Smita Sandeep Patil. says:

    Congratulations 🥳.Wishing you both rocking success! A very beautiful intelligent product. Much needed 👍

  • Tejjal Popatlal says:

    Once of the most easiest way to cook grains.

  • Tejjal Popatlal says:

    Once of the most easiest way to cook

  • Shubham Gauba says:

    Superb concept. Wishing the both of you all the best wishes 🤗🤗

  • Pawan says:

    Congratulations Hope you Will get all success in your business… Aaj pakao much needed product for everyone …looking forward to have Aaj pakao aur khao .. ☺️

  • Pradip Patil says:

    I really appreciate the efforts to launch these kind of products that everyone looking for these days, I believe that these kinds of quality products will surely set a benchmark in particular industry.
    I again congratulate and want to see your another success story in days to come.

  • Ravindra B.Patil says:

    Product manufactured by Aaj Pakao are really very good.we are using these products from months .we are feeling Energetic since we started using these products.
    The hygiene, qulity and taste of these products is very unique and above expectations.please continue producing products of same quality.
    We expect everyone to give these products a chance and feel the change!!

  • Gopal Patil says:

    Realy New concept its very important factor in current and future point of view

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