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The Cookolution : For New Year Celebration

By December 31, 2021No Comments

1. Take a Break! Keep work away!
Seriously. If you want to enjoy a relaxing vacation, taking break from work is absolutely necessary. We keep working day in and day out without thinking why we are working in first place! Holidays are supposed to be fun whether we are with or without family! So just make up your mind to get a break from your day to day life!

2. Look back in a year!
Every year we start with a long list of to do things which we wish to accomplish but we get carried away in between with one way or another. Only few things which are absolutely necessary walk with us throughout the year. Gym, healthy food, diet, fasting, running, etc. etc. Just take a look back what it started off with and where you are now! If you have completed the year book then well and good but you have not, then why?

3. Get away from screen!
Screen! Digital! Online! Internet! this has become our life especially after pandemic! Our day starts with it and ends with it. We hardly notice what our partner is wearing, what food is being cooked, what our parents are telling and may more examples like that! We all can agree on at-least one point. I am not saying screens are bad, they are after all a part of our bread and butter but we can make choice whether to let it rule our life or have a life! Choice is ours.

4. A movie date with your loved ones!
What was the last time the whole family went for a movie and grabbed a bucket of popcorns? It is not necessary to step out but we all have Netflix account if not that friend ka toh password hoga? What was the last time you grabbed bunch of friends and laughed over that stupid dialogue. Well this is a perfect time to sit tight together and chill over Netflix!

5. Pat your back!
Oh yes! that’s what missing! We run behind things, we do not even recognize what has changed in a year! So why not just stop for a moment and pat your back for trying so hard, for being caring and loving, for understanding! We all get tired and holidays are there to rejuvenate us and step into a new year with fresh mind and healthy body!

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